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You can back my project on indiegogo here: Campaign is active till end of February and that is the only time I give away life-time subscription to all my future premium courses!

About the Project

There is a problem I hear quite often from my students and subscribers: while there are a lot of material on React development, most of it just gives you basics and leave you there without any idea how to move forward or even how to develop something workable.

And this course fixes it.

While working through this course you will develop and deploy full fledged application, that covers a lot of common functionality you'd encounter in real-world applications.

You can try this application here:

Big Picture

This course is the first course in Fullstack Javascript Developer series. The whole series looks like this:

  1. Build Modern Web Applications with React
  2. Manage state of React app with Redux
  3. Build Applications and APIs with ExpressJS
  4. Fullstack Javascript Testing

Also there are other courses that could be published in the future:

What makes this course different?

  1. First, such topics as authentication, authorization and deployment. These topics usually are not covered because technically they are not part of React or even front-end development. But I think that these topics are essential because only by implementing real stuff you really can grasp how everything works together. And needless to say that most of web-applications need user authentication, and knowing how to push your project online for others to use it is pretty much essential. But very often students don't know how to do this or even how to approach these topics after watching several courses.
  2. Second is exercises. I intentionally left some empty spaces in this application that you can feel by yourself by doing exercises. Then you can share your solution with me and other students in private forums and get code review and feedback. The best way to master any skill is to practice and apply your newly acquired knowledge to solve actual problems.
  3. Third is community. When you buy my course you get access to private forums where you can ask any questions, post your code, receive code review and suggestions, etc... Each question you ask is a signal for me that some topic is not explained clearly enough, and that means that I'll either transform it into separate free YouTube episode on my channel for others to benefit, or I'll update course material itself.
  4. Which leads me to the fourth and final point - you'll get free updates whenever this course is updated or changed. I want to make this course ever green. That means that every time something changes in javascript world (and believe me - that happens quite often) I'll update course with new content, or redo it from scratch if that is required. And you'll get this update for free of course. More than that - I'll provide changelog every time I introduce update, so you know for sure what content has been updated and where to find it.

What Skills Will I Master?

After completing this course and working through exercised you'll know how to:

Would I Like Your Teaching Style?

You can watch episodes on my YouTube channel to make up your mind if you like my style or not. For example give this free series about CRUD with Redux a try.

Are There Any Risks?

Almost none. Application is already developed, course content is almost finished. The only thing left is course production. This course will be published, but with your support it'll happen sooner rather than later. Basically your support is a way to pre-order course with $20 discount or to get exclusive life-time subscription.